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Why Counselling?

Life is a series of challenges – some bigger than others. With each challenge we learn more about ourselves, our strengths, our skills and our weaknesses. Sometimes we need support to face our challenges.

Seeking support is a sign of courage and strength that suggests a willingness to be aware of our vulnerability and to take responsibility for ourselves.

We don’t have control over situations that occur, or control over other people but we do have control over how we handle situations and our reactions to them.

Antoinette Taggart Therapy



Antoinette Taggart Therapy

Counselling enhances your coping skills and encourages understanding and confidence in yourself that will help you to move forward in your life and live it more fully.

It can also help you heal the root cause of any reactions that are based on past experiences. Through counselling, difficult experiences can be brought to the surface, looked at, accepted and transformed.

You often discover strengths and resiliency that you didn’t know you had.

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